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First entry, hullo~

I had more entries in this journal from over the years, but I figured I'd erase them and start fresh.

Hi there. I'm Kitty and this is my livejournal. Bet you didn't guess that much already. I'm currently 16, and I like anime, language, and painting my nails. Also I'm really dumb so I'm going to copy my friend atlanticpacific 's idea and make this a cosplay journal.

For tonight I'm just going to list some previous cosplays. I've never done anything that great, so Anime Boston this year is going to be my first year with (hopefully) some wicked awesome cospay.

AB '07:
Friday: Kairi (Kingdom Hearts 2)
Saturday: Misa (Death Note)
--Kairi I bought off ebay ( :| ) and Misa was essentially closet. Like I said, nothing that great.

AB '09
Friday: Kio (Loveless)
Saturday: Schrödinger (Hellsing Ultimate verison)
Sunday: fem!Japan (Axis Powers Hetalia)
--Schrö was my first attempt at home-made cosplay. I made the shirt, mostly :D Saturday was also the only day that anyone recognized who I was Dx;;

I would also add links, but fail!pictures are fail.

For Anime Boston this year, the lineup is:
Friday: Canada (Axis Powers Hetalia)
Saturday: Konishi (The World Ends With You)
Sunday: undecided

Friday was originally going to be Swizterland, with atlanticpacific as Liechtenstein, but we watched Snoopy Come Home and somehow got the most AWESOME idea ever, which led to this sweet business. And since she's going as Gakuen!Lithuania with a Poland-friend on Sunday, we aren't just moving SwissLiecht to then. If all else fails, I'll just do Canada on my own that day, and it wouldn't matter that I'm by myself :)

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